How To Reduce The Risk Of Hail Damage On Solar Panels

To reduce the risk of hail damage, solar panels can be installed with a protective layer or coating that can help absorb the impact of hailstones. This can include adding a layer of tempered glass, which is designed to be more resistant to impacts, or adding a layer of silicone or other materials that can help absorb the shock of the hailstone. Additionally, solar panels can be installed at an angle or with a tilt, which can help reduce the impact force of hailstones by allowing them to slide off the panel more easily.

8MSolar also highly recommends adding solar panels to your homeowner’s insurance policy, this way any events outside of the designed capabilities of the solar panels are still covered.

In summary, while hailstorms can potentially cause damage to solar panels, most modern panels are built to withstand moderate-sized hailstones that are common in most regions.

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