Monocrystalline Solar Panels

Monocrystalline solar panels are the most developed of the three types of solar panels. Monocrystalline solar cells made from pure silicon create this type of panel. Because of their manufacturing process, these panels are likely to be the most expensive on the market.

This process is known as the Czochralski method. During this process, a silicon crystal is set in a vat of molten silicon. From there, a professional will extract the crystal carefully and slowly, so the molten silicon can harden into a crystal shell called an ingot. This ingot is sliced into thin silicon wafers which are turned into a cell. These cells are organized to make a solar panel.

Once fully formed, the monocrystalline cells resemble squares without corners, leaving small gaps in between cells. These types of solar cells will appear black because of the pure silicon in them, though you will be able to choose from a variety of colors for the frames and back sheets.

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